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Virtual Networking: Does it work for you?

Updated: 3 days ago

Networking is an important part of any entrepreneur's journey in growing their business. It allows for business connections, customer prospects and a glimpse of another world that can be a stepping stone for your business to grow. However, the world is learning to adapt to a virtual environment that is taking a toll on sales, minimal physical interactions and motivation to continue sacrificing time to pursue their small business that may be suffering financially.

So what makes virtual networking different from actual networking and how will it help a small business owner or an entrepreneur who just got started before the pandemic?

An advantage of personal networking is you have the time to build relationships and connection. In our eyes, networking should be about getting to know the individual, their business, passion and reason for wanting to expand and network. Passing around business cards is beneficial, but at what point do you go home, open your bag and really go through all the businesses and remember who was who and do I really need their service?

Creating Lattes for Women, we wanted to provide a safe environment for women entrepreneurs to come together and build relationships, partnerships and accountability with one another. For Boss Babes to express their business struggles, their accomplishments and their goals. And because Lattes for Women meet once a month, we bring guest speakers to provide an educational environment while our Boss Babes can enjoy each others company in networking and fellowship. Having to transition into a Virtual World because of the Pandemic that we are all wrapped in, we have noticed that networking has become a bit more challenging when it comes to personal relations and building a true connection, but it does challenge everyone to take that extra moment in your day at home while you are cleaning or cooking, to jump on a conference call to listen in or even get your accountability to wake up on time for a quick "one on one" to check in on weekly sales, business or even health. Yes, we care a little about your well being and not just on business. Our physical and mental health plays a huge role in your business. If you're not feeling well, would you wake up and go to work normally? Probably not, but with this "blessing" of a Pandemic, and yes it is a slight blessing because we are able to utilize our creativity, imagination and different planning skills to arrange our day, our time, our business, anything. Although, we some may have seen this "new obstacle" as a challenge or a burden, which it was, but it honestly brought something out in your business that you may not be expecting? Are you doing home delivers now? Attending more virtual meetings? Doing online workshops that you have been wanting to do for a while? Having time to budget? Learning to public speak? The challenges are endless!! We are grateful for the economy and the savvy technology of Zoom, Facebook Live and other conference platforms for the flexibility for our Boss Babes to be able to network within their own time! So how has this virtual experience of networking benefited you? Have you made new connections? Have you lost your "mojo" or has it been an easy transition for you just as it has been for us?

So take the challenge of the Virtual Experience or even get outside your comfort zone and go to a networking event and start breaking out of your new norms. Or why no grab your favorite cup of latte, tea, water, coffee, or your specialty drink and jump on a call with us! Join us at a Lattes for Women, virtually or personally. We love seeing Boss Babes succeed in all aspects of their life, no matter the journey!

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